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missed out

when: wednesday, sept. 14, 2011

what i wore:
sweater: h&m
leggings: be maternity via target
shoes: isaac mizrahi for target

where: work, date night

did you score anything from the missoni for target line? the huz and i went to check it out on tuesday evening but walked out empty-handed. i went to a different target the next night and…nothing. i went my whole life thinking iowans are not hip or fashionable, and then boom — all the missoni stuff is gone before i even get to target. jokes on me.

does anyone know if they are going to be restocking online or in stores? i would love to get these flats and maybe a decorative pillow (or two) for our couch. my birthday is in two weeks and i wear size 9.5…just sayin’… ;)

» i wasn’t planning to post another baby bump photo this week, but this sweater dress combined with the sun going down made this one my new favorite!

week 14 of 40

when: sunday, sept. 11, 2011

what i wore:
dress: h&m
necklace: gap
leggings: be maternity via target
shoes: isaac mizrahi for target
purse: le mode accessories 

where: work at bridal forum, dinner, grocery store

  • non-pregnancy update first: someone recognized me today! (hey, melanie!) i was actually checking out her boots, and then she came over and told me that she follows me on twitter. she knew it was me because of the top knot bun. woo! being recognized in public was a goal of mine so i was thrilled. please, if you ever see me around — say hi! :)
  • babe is the size of a lemon this week. we have a check-up today and have been praying that everything is and looks good!
  • my belly kind of exploded this past week. sometimes eric and i just stare at it in disbelief. i’m carrying so low that he says i look like a dr. seuss character, and i totally agree.
  • i feel like this is a special time in our marriage that we’ll never get back: a time when we’re expecting a child — and the excitement and planning that comes with it — but it’s still just us two. {hence why we have date night every single week.}
  • i ate four pieces of pizza for supper one night last week — double what i’d usually eat. and then we had popcorn and ice cream sundaes. the hunger strikes come on randomly.
  • is there a baby boom where you are? i know five people due within 10 days of me!
  • cravings = chocolate milk, pickles, cheese! i can’t get enough macaroni and cheese!

does this shirt make me look pregnant?

when: wednesday, sept. 7, 2011

what i wore:
glasses: charlotte russe
top: h&m mama
necklace: gap
jeans: banana republic
shoes: old navy via TxSCC swap (these ones)

where: work, date night

i was hesitant to wear this shirt before i had a visible bump, but i love the drape of it and just couldn’t wait. i was hoping it wouldn’t make me look like i was either letting myself go completely or wearing pajamas to work, so i thought pairing it with skinny jeans and cute shoes would help. i hope it worked!

before i got pregnant, i was only interested in slim-fitting and waist-cinching tops. now, the idea of a growing belly has made me think differently about what clothes i should buy, and it’s even pushed me to try some new things. case in point.

man, there’s all sorts of life changes going on over here. :)

may the best team win

when: friday, sept. 9, 2011

what i wore:
sunglasses: gift, modern amusement
t-shirt: vintage, goodwill
cardigan: american apparel
pin: vintage, from eric’s mom
jeggings: american eagle
shoes: isaac mizrahi for target

where: work

around these parts, the iowa vs. iowa state football game is a big deal. i didn’t grow up as a fan for either team, but i love this ISU shirt i found at goodwill about eight years ago. it is by far the greatest thing i’ve ever thrifted. it’s from 1977, and was the first time the two teams played since 1934.

it’s so special, i’m not even sure i should be wearing it.

then, i married a hawkeye fan and our unborn child already has two iowa hawkeye bibs from my mother-in-law. since i don’t really care, i guess my vote doesn’t count. i wore the “go hawks!” pin on my cardigan just for him, since i am fairly impartial. and i think iowans should like both teams, at least when they’re not playing each other.

in the end, my team won! woo! it was a fun game to watch and went to three overtimes. go state!

hats off

when: monday, sept. 5, 2011

what i wore:
hat: h&m
scarf: mimi bird
sweater: h&m
leggings: aerie
boots: steve madden

where: errands

i am feeling so inspired by my new purchases. it’s been a really long time since i bought 11 things in one day. i couldn’t fall asleep that night…my mind was racing about all the different ways i can wear them and where they will hang in my closet. dorky, but true.

i bought this sweater in a size bigger than usual, but it fits me great now and it should last me a number of months as my belly grows. so, that makes it official: this is what i’ll be wearing every weekend this fall. it’s cute but still very relaxed, comfortable and easy. {…yeah, it’s basically the same as last fall’s weekend outfit.}

bring it on, fall! i’m so ready.

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