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his + hers: Christmas card photo

when: sunday, nov. 13, 2011 (i was 23 weeks along and have grown a lot since then!)

what he wore:
flannel: h&m
t-shirt: old navy
jeans: gap
shoes: toms 

what she wore:
dress: h&m mama
tights: we love colors (maroon)
shoes: poetic licence

sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite things to do. i think about it all year and then start making it in october. i try to create something unique and different than the previous year. (remember last year’s card?) i just think there’s something special about sending a little gift of love to 100+ family and friends, and the joy they might feel when they receive it in the mail. i’m really happy with how this year’s turned out!

***designed/printed by minted (create an account and we both get $25 off!)
***you can see all our Christmas cards on our family blog.

merry, merry

i love love sending Christmas cards. i always try to be more creative than i was the previous year. this one is simple, but it might be hard to beat! we just wanted to include our blog URLs and then let that amazing wall say it all…

how we did it:
that graffiti wall borders the parking lot at our church. eric set our camera on top of our jeep and set the timer. then i edited the picture in photoshop to get more of a vintage coloring and uploaded it to

i’ve used minted the past two years and have been thrilled with their design options as well as the fact that a real designer proofs each card before it’s printed (to make sure the text will show up over your custom photo, etc.).

merry, merry Christmas, to you and yours!

» outfit details can be found here

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